The government should not show that employees of closed industrial and commercial businesses are not eligible to receive a seven-day salary. This guideline can “damage” the workers’ rights of the workers of Stephen Lao, the chairman of power of the Macau Gaming Association. Ka Weng told Macau News Agency today (Tuesday).

Economic and Finance Secretary Ray Wai Non said at a press conference last week that employers covered all non-essential industrial and commercial activities during the seven-day partial lockdown period from July 11th to 18th. Is the salary of an employee, even if the worker is reasonably considered to be lacking in duties.

The Secretary-General emphasized that companies and employees were equally affected during this period, and the government requires companies and workers to cooperate and support each other in case of trouble.

The president of the local Casino Workers Association told MNA that the government should speak for its employees, not the other way around.

“The authorities shouldn’t say it has nothing to do with the employer, they can cancel the wages of their employees. There is no such thing in the world! Lao said,” If so. , The Labor Department should be called the Employer Department! “

Trade union presidents also understand that labor-management laws do not provide for employers to pay salaries in the event of a business outage due to a pandemic, but the government does not have to pay. Should not be shown. Take social responsibility.

“All Macau workers are sad to hear that!” He said, “It’s true that people should’pull together in times of trouble’, but authorities say this. Instead of announcing, we should do something to help our employees overcome the difficulties. “

Meanwhile, the president of the Casino Workers Association has revealed that six game concessionaires have launched two vacation schemes for their staff. Choose to take paid leave provided by the company in this situation, or half-price leave during this period.

According to Laos, employees who choose to continue working will be arranged to do some important work or help maintain the operation of the nucleic acid sampling station.

However, the president of the association expressed concern about whether such a plan could continue as pandemic measures against the government’s closure of industrial and commercial businesses could be extended.

“It’s okay to offer half-price leave now, but what if we’re off for another seven days next week? Can game companies continue to offer such leave to their employees?” He said. Added.

Trade union representatives also noted that the Macau government’s 10 billion MOP (US $ 1.2 billion) economic aid measures were unfairly distributed because the implementation process was too time consuming.

“The government has stated that 80% of people will benefit from this measure, but in reality, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities will no longer receive any help. Many senior employees will also benefit from this. I can’t benefit from the system, but how can I connect people in difficult times? And this financial aid should be implemented as soon as possible. Why is the government still behind? mosquito?”

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