Television personality and writer Graham Norton is believed to have celebrated his recent marriage at a gorgeous wedding in his hometown of West Cork.

An Irish examiner reported that more than 100 guests attended the special event at Bantry House on Saturday.

According to locals, the party continued on Sunday in a marquee near the waterfront of Norton’s villa in Ahaquista.

Norton and his partner may have been legally married early on, and the event at Bantry House, where the historic venue was not open to the public, was believed to be a blessing ritual.

You can see that Scottish singer Lulu and TikTok star Cairde appeared at the celebration and Panti Bliss was a DJ. Rory O’Neill, also known as Panti Bliss, tweeted on Saturday that he was in western Cork.

Norton (59) was born in Dublin, grew up in Bandung and attended Bandung Grammar School.

He enjoys his stay in West Cork, where he spent the summer in recent years, so he is recording a local Virgin Radio UK show.

His latest novel, which will be published later this year, will return in the fall with his hugely successful chat show on BBC TV.

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