They say adversity creates creativity. That maxim certainly applies to restaurants in Reykjavik. It was a slim choice when we first started summarizing the issue of Best of Reykjavik, but over the years, decision making has become less and less easy. This was really one of the most difficult dining editions we could put together, as we were content with the choice in terms of both quality and consistency. Old and new restaurants have post-pandemic energy and we are pleased to decorate their tables again. We chopped, chewed, and devoured around this wonderful city in the name of bringing you the best Reykjavik has to offer.

Great place for a luxurious meal


Lauga Vegle 59

Photo by Art Bicnic

All the details of the dill are well thought out. Even playlists, such as cloth napkins, stemwear, and gorgeous handmade pottery, are carefully selected to suit the mood of the dining room. Dill’s round kitchen philosophy extends to the entire menu and function of the restaurant, allowing chefs to derive flavor profiles from seemingly mundane ingredients (including their own kitchen scraps). Overall, Dill continues to be Iceland’s fine dining beacon.

runner up:

La Primavera

Grandagarður20 & Harap2fl.

Photo by Art Bicnic

Dining at La Primavera is one of Reykjavik’s simple pleasures. The focus is on high quality ingredients, allowing you to unleash your unique benefits without resorting to molecular gastronomy, foam, or the Nordic fermentation epidemic. Instead, chef Leif Erikson draws a strong taste from just the bare essentials. Primavera is that old school, a romantic ideal of what a great meal is, and after more than 25 years of business, they know one or two things about it.



Reykjavík Edition, Austurbakki 2

Photo by Art Bicnic

With its striking wooden coffered ceilings and grooved concrete columns, Tides is a must-see for the restaurant, with its warm golden glow. No matter where you sit, you’ll see the dream restaurant. The food starts in safe mode when first opened, and hidden gems like the whole watered grilled chicken give way to a fine dining menu that emphasizes Scandinavian cuisine. Do not leave without a hard martini.

Previous winners

2021: Dill
2020: Dill
2019: Austur-Indía félagið

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