Two years have passed since the single or double flip cup flip flops were repeated many times, but by 2022, the bar was officially revived. This year certainly stood out in our local scene. Those who go to the bar were able to return their very grateful teeth to the weekly “Jamma”, as well as new spots and old classics stepping up to the sway of the plate and what they wanted. Provided. Gather again to celebrate the best of Reykjavik’s nightlife and signal the orchestra (and opals). Let’s do the truth: Icelanders love to drink. In fact, Icelanders probably don’t like to do more than drink. That may be the reason why there is no space program in this country …

Great place for live music


Trigg Vagata 22

Photo by Art Bicnic

Cue the confetti and raise the corners. Once again, Gaukurinn reigns supremely. With dim lighting, leather sofas, gender-neutral bathrooms, and free tampons, this bar / venue is the preferred hangout for unorthodox Lake Wikingers. So if you’re looking for a like-minded peep in the Alto and Queer scenes, you’re going there. “They were very ambitious for this year’s event. Did you see their schedule?” One panelist incredibly asked. From heavy metal fests to quiet indie shows, this upstairs hangout did everything, and many of our favorite Icelandic acts, from Hatari to Power Paladins, played early gigs there. “Their karaoke nights are also legendary because people take it so seriously,” laughed one panel member. “Britney isn’t just for drunk women. People really perform.”

runner up:


Skúlagata 28

Photo by Art Bicnic

Anyone who makes a KEX reservation is worth a serious salary increase. They don’t have many shows, but all of them are very well curated and seem to have the most talked about bands and groups at the moment. “It’s a small stage, but it’s always a very nice party,” our panel decided. “They really know what they are doing.”

runner up:


Pós thús stræti 9

Photo by Art Bicnic

Why did you give Skuggabaldur this runner-up award? All that jazz, baby! (Editor’s Note: I apologize for that terrible, terrible joke.) Anyway, Reykjavik finally has its own jazz venue, and the cozy place is the funky and sensual you need to listen to someone solo on bass. Provides a foot tapping atmosphere. Their food is also pretty good.

Previous winners

2021: Gauklin
2020: Gauklin
2019: Iðnó

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