Greenrock has released a report from BVG Associates. “To support the advancement of offshore wind as an important potential element of Bermuda’s sustainable low-carbon energy system.”

A spokeswoman said: “Bermuda’s greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced by 60% by 2030 in line with international efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. When warming exceeds this level, the island Along with some other environmental threats to, the risk of marine acidification can be significantly increased.

“It is also important to recognize the fact that the community surrounding our existing power plants is close to fossil fuel chimneys and continues to withstand health, property and environmental challenges. That should be a matter of national interest, and attempts to find a solution should be urgently pursued.

“In light of these realities, Greenrock is working hard to create the data and research needed to accelerate the introduction of affordable renewables. The variety of renewables available in Bermuda. Among the possible technologies, offshore wind and solar have been consistently identified as the most mature renewable energy technologies suitable for achieving this goal.

“Green Rock welcomes the progress made so far by the Bermuda government and regulators in considering offshore wind as a key potential element of Bermuda’s sustainable low-carbon energy system.

“We are now working to further develop this work and accelerate progress by working with BVG Associates, a UK-based engineering company. [BVGA]Has over 10 years of expertise in providing offshore wind power.

“We have worked with BVGA to identify a series of studies that have helped advance the offshore wind project in Bermuda.

  • “Independent review of work done so far, including comparison with good practices in the offshore wind industry and identification of priority actions needed to understand whether offshore wind is feasible in Bermuda. It will be.
  • “Detailed cost of energy assessment to confidently determine the potential range of costs of electricity that may be supplied by Bermuda’s offshore wind farms.
  • “Modeling Bermuda’s power system. Understand the combination of technologies needed to provide an affordable, reliable, low-carbon power supply, including large amounts of intermittent renewable energy.
  • “Industry standard wind resource assessment
  • “Industry-standard spatial assessment to complement existing work done in this area.
  • “Offshore wind roadmap with a step-by-step overview of how we can provide offshore wind farms in operation in Bermuda.
  • “If the results of these surveys are successful, Greenrock also plans to launch a revenue grade. [Light Detection and Ranging] LIDAR-like data collection campaign

“These studies will help us determine if offshore wind is technically and commercially feasible in Bermuda, and how much it will cost to generate electricity from offshore wind. It is also feasible. Assuming, we will also outline how Bermuda will deploy offshore wind in line with industry good practices.

“We are pleased to announce that the first of these investigations has been completed and is now available on our website for review by key stakeholders and the general public.

“To review our research and learn more about what we are doing with offshore wind, please visit our website at

“This important task is possible only thanks to the tireless efforts of our active members, our private contributions from our community, and the generous donations from our private sector sponsors.

“Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this work possible, and I would like to inform you that sponsorship opportunities are now available for the rest of the reports and research. Helps to provide the ongoing financial support needed to complete this task.

“For anyone who wants to know more about this initiative, Green Rock will hold an open forum at the BUEI Auditorium on Friday, July 22nd, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

“The goal of the forum is to discuss the data of the completed survey, present the initial results of a second survey investigating the energy costs from offshore wind power, answer questions about the project, and how to use this survey initiative. Explain what we can do. We will accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in Bermuda and share information on the funding needed to complete timely planned research. “

The Bermuda Offshore Wind Review and Priority Actions are: [PDF here]:

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