The mourning husband, whose wife died tragically during childbirth at home, talked about how the support his family received was a great comfort to him and his boy Shay.

Fergal, the husband of angry Laura Liston, shared the first photo of the couple’s newborn son. At her funeral mass, Tot was described as the “great hope” of the family.

Pictures of Laura, Fergal and his boy were included in a funeral booklet prepared for the devastated mourners who attended Laura’s funeral mass at Limerick’s Croom.

The message inserted below the photo is: “Fergal and Shay, along with the families of Liston and Manion, thank everyone who attended the Mass today and all the kind sympathy and support they received during this very sad time.”

The beautifully designed funeral booklet was later shared on the Coen funeral director’s Facebook page.


Fergal with his wife Laura, who died while giving birth to Shay’s baby

Laura, a former Sligo tabber curry from Limerick’s Croom Dannaman in her thirties, died on June 5 after giving birth to her son Shay in her Croom at home.

The baby has survived and investigation into the case is currently underway.

In a statement, University Hospital Limerick said: “We can confirm that we have temporarily suspended childbirth services in the Midwest after the recent maternal mortality.

“UL Hospital Group and maternity service staff would like to express their deep sympathy for the families involved in their catastrophic loss.

“We asked for an external review of the Midwestern birth service.

“A group of outside experts, including those with midwifery and obstetric expertise, come together to conduct reviews and discuss patient safety, clinical governance, and other issues that arise.”

A spokesperson for the hospital group said, “We have contacted a small number of women in the region who are due to give birth in the coming months in connection with continued care.”

Ms. Liston developed life-threatening health complications after childbirth and was subsequently transferred by ambulance from the Limerick University Maternity Hospital to the acute care ward where she was declared dead. It is understood that it was.

Father Richard Daburn, who married the couple, took office on Friday at the funeral mass of St. Mary’s Church in Kroom.

“This was the most tragic event I have ever witnessed or dealt with in my ministry. I hope God finds power in my family,” he said. rice field.

“They have great hope for little boys. Indeed, he gave them great hope and something to focus on in this terrible time.

“I think it’s ironic that the weakest, the little babies are actually the strongest bond that keeps the family together and motivates them. It’s sad beyond words, God loves them.”

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