Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt say they still love each other and are happy to be friends years after they split.

Hollywood A-listers, who got engaged in 1996 but later discontinued, looked back on their relationship in a recent interview.

Paltrow is now married to producer Brad Falchuk, who took 20 years and said, “I finally found Brad I was supposed to marry.”

The two sat down in a conversation featured on the website of Gwyneth’s brand, Goop, and recalled the relationship between Pitt and his father, Bruce Paltrow.

Paltrow is currently married to producer Brad Falchuk. Photo: Ian West / PA

“How did he affect you? Unfortunately, why did you love him when we didn’t get married,” Paltrow said.

“Oh, everything works, right? … and it’s nice that you’re friends now … and I love you,” Pitt replied.

He continued. “One of the many things I loved about the blues is because he was the one who had a big influence on me and I’m still thinking. He really nurtured your voice, your independence. rice field.

“He paved the way for you to be yourself, and I think it’s very important for parenting.

“You were very free in the conversation. And witty. And intelligent … he might be tough if needed, but it’s rare — only if someone goes off the line.

“That guy was funny. He was funny. And you guys were so funny together and ripped across the table. This is a rare thing I haven’t experienced much and I love it. did.

Pitt continues to be involved in a court battle with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie over a co-owned vineyard in southern France.Photo: Jennifer Gray Rock / Pennsylvania

“What you enjoyed was contagious. You can see how much he loved you.”

The actor said that “100%” felt the father’s energy from Paltrow’s father together and was given “the same kind of guidance that can be obtained from coaches and mentors.”

Paltrow replied: “He was my father, but he was a very mentor.

“He loved to play that role for those he really loved, and you were definitely one of them.”

That’s because Pitt continues to be involved in a court battle with his ex-wife and actor Angelina Jolie over a co-owned vineyard in southern France.

His lawyer claims that Jolly “tried to harm” him by selling ownership of his property to the Russian oligarchs.

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