Monterrey: Although they may be considered international minnows, Haitian female soccer players hope to be helped by their professional playing experience in Europe and eventually mark them on the world stage. is. Nerilia Mondecil, who has been playing in France since 2017, has been challenging the cross-Atlantic movement for members of her national team. “Haiti women are not easy to play football. Opportunities are rare. A 23-year-old forward playing at Montpellier HSC said: Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, 2010 It was devastated by the year and 2021 earthquakes.

It was also shaken by political turmoil and a catastrophic economic crisis, including the assassination of President Jovenel Moise a year ago. Difficulties have left the Haitian wave, many of them heading to America in search of the American dream. Haiti’s soccer scene is also shaken by scandals. In 2020, Eve Jeanbert, president of the country’s football federation, was banned for life by the world group FIFA for allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of various female players, including minors.

“Big League”

Fourteen members of the Haiti Women’s National Team have played in Europe and are few in US colleges, their coach Nicholas Delepin said after his debut at the CONCACAFW tournament in Mexico. “The first thing we do is send the players to the big league,” said the French. The national team wants to break new ground by competing in the 2023 Women’s World Cup and the 2024 Olympics in Mexico.

They will face Mexico on Thursday after losing 3-0 to World Cup champion USA in the first match of an eight-team tournament in Monterrey. Despite thrashing, US captain Megan Rapinoe acknowledged the Haitians with “many personal talents.” The Haitians quietly left the stadium while Rapinoe appeared in front of the press to praise the recent breakthrough equal pay for equal work in her country after the match.

Only a little surprised Mondecil shyly accepted some questions from the press. She said playing in Europe was not easy for inexperienced Haitians. “A professional team has to do more than players from other countries,” she said. Losing to the United States in Monterrey will help Haitians grow stronger, Mondecyl said, “we learned a lot,” she added.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals and next year’s Women’s World Cup, while the third-placed group team will advance to the global playoffs at the final three spots of the Women’s World Cup in February next year. The CONCACAF champions will advance to the Paris Olympics, and the next 2nd and 3rd place teams will meet in the playoffs next year to decide another berth in 2024 in France. Haiti coaches are confident that Minnow will one day fulfill his dream of competing in the World Cup. “Haiti is a small country, but a big country when it comes to football,” said Delepin. – AFP

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