According to new data from the motor industry, half of the charging points for electric vehicles in the European Union are concentrated in two countries, the Netherlands and Germany.

Despite making up less than 10% of the EU in terms of size, both countries dominate the EV charging infrastructure. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the gap between the top and bottom countries in the ranking of charging points is very large.

Electric vehicle charging points throughout the EU. Source: ACEA

The Netherlands, the country with the most infrastructure, has about 1,600 times as many charging points as Cyprus, the country with the least infrastructure, and only 57 charging points. In fact, according to ACEA, the Netherlands has a combined number of chargers in 23 member countries.

“When it comes to infrastructure decentralization, there is a clear gap between Central and Eastern European countries on the one hand and Western European countries on the other. For example, a fairly large country like Romania (7 times larger than the Netherlands). , Only 0.4% of all charging points in the EU, “ACEA said in a statement.

Ireland’s surface area is 1.7% of the EU, but accounts for 0.5% of the EU’s total charging points.

According to ACEA, the number of EU charging points has increased significantly (180% increase) over the last five years, and the total number (307,000) is well below the required number.

“Some countries are advancing when it comes to deploying infrastructure, but the majority are lagging behind,” said ACEA Secretary Eric-Mark Huitema.

* The article was corrected at 5 pm on Wednesday, June 22nd, with missing sentences inserted.

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