Paul Ryder, a bassist and founding member of Happy Mondays, died at the age of 58.

A musician who grew up in Salford died on Friday morning, according to a statement from the band.

Paul, along with Frontman’s brother Sean, founded Happy Mondays in 1980 and is said to have given the band the characteristic rolling groove that appears in hits such as Step-on and Kinky Afro.

The group said on its official Facebook page: “The rider’s family and Happy Mondays band members were deeply saddened and shocked to say that Paul Ryder died this morning.

“A true pioneer and legend. He will be missed forever.

“At this point, thank you for respecting the privacy of everyone involved. His funk will live longer.”

The original lineup also included drummer Gary Weeran and guitarist Mark Day, with the addition of Maracas-wielding dancer Bez.

Later, the band successfully crossed over to mainstream music with hits from albums such as Pills’N’Thrills And Bellyaches, and gained a reputation as a hell laser.

The blend of psychedelia and alternative rock, which is synonymous with the “Madchester” music scene, continues to influence other acts.

Riders remained active members as Happy Mondays disbanded and reformed many times over the last 40 years.

Outside the band, he also appeared in several films, including Oxford Street Ghosts and Rossing It, and cameo as a gangster in the movie “24 Hour Party People” about Madchester’s music scene.

He also formed the band Big Arm, released a 2008 album titled Radiator, and played DJ sets around the world.

In January 2012, it was announced that Happy Mondays was reforming with all former members, including Paul.

Oasis and Ride guitarist Andy Bell praised him by tweeting, “Paul Ryder, really sad news about RIP.”

Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown added: Great love for great friends, great musicians, great companions, Amelia, Jacob, Sunny, Chico, and family and bands. I love pubs for many years. “

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