Seven-Eleven will partner with Hong Kong’s popular illustrator Plastic Sing for the first time to exclusively release a series of four limited edition “FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set”.

Hong Kong SAR – Media Outreach – July 20, 2022 – Seven-Eleven has always supported homemade creative talent! This summer, Seven-Eleven will collaborate for the first time with Hong Kong’s popular illustrator and creator, Plastic Sing Yipyan, to launch the four “FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set” series exclusively. The protagonist of Plastic Sing is named Futocho (food sister) and she is always trying to lose her weight, but she also loves to eat. Hong Kong’s renowned beauty influencer Luzon, nerdy bold boy, and fluffy dog ​​Puffy are also included in this relevant lineup. And they are here to spend the summer of FAT-TASTIC with you! From July 20th (7:00 am), you can collect stamps at Seven-Eleven or use yuu points to randomly exchange “FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set”. The quantity is limited and will end as soon as the stock runs out, so don’t miss it!

“FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set” that seems to drool is now available!

Created by Hong Kong illustrator Ip Yan, Fatty has become a social media sensation with over 400,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram in just a few years. Ip Yan personally designed the summer series of “FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set” exclusively for Seven-Eleven. Feel the mood with the fatty features of each of the four mugs in different poses, including the sea of ​​pineapples, pancake factory, Mt. Fuji cake dreamland, and peach juice stalls, as well as the dessert-inspired, very sweet setting. Let’s get excited. summer!

The mug itself has a capacity of about 450 ml and is made of translucent borosilicate glass, which is both heat and cold resistant. It also comes with a handle that makes it easy to reheat without burning your fingers! Each set includes a lid and a spoon. Both the cup and lid are microwave safe, so you can reheat food and drink quickly and conveniently. The “FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set” is ideal for serving a variety of delicious summer treats such as ice cream, smoothies, oatmeal with yogurt, homemade jelly, cera dura pudding, tiramisu and mousse. Cute and colorful, these Instaworthy mug sets add a fun pop to any dining occasion. So enjoy the summer of FAT-TASTIC with Plastic Sing and Seven-Eleven!

Illustrator Ip Yan has also created a special set of 10 summer-themed FAT-TASTIC WhatsApps or Signals. “Seven-Eleven x Plastic Sing” Sticker. Feel free to download it here: https: //

Details of the “FAT-TASTIC Glass Mug Set” Collectable Program:

Details of stamp distribution:

From July 20th (7am) ​​to August 16th, 2022, customers will receive one stamp for every $ 20 * purchase and another stamp for every additional $ 10 purchase at the 7-Eleven Store *. Will be received.

Redemption method:
From July 20th (7am) ​​to August 19th, 2022, customers can randomly redeem one FAT-TASTIC glass mug set for 6 stamps and $ 46. Inventory remains, but quantity is limited.

yuu members only:
From July 20th (7am) ​​to July 21st, 2022 (2 days in total), yuu members can randomly redeem one FAT-TASTIC glass mug set for 6,000 yuu points and $ 38.

Redemption method: yuu members can use the 6,000 yuu points reward coupon with the yuu app. You can then present your QR code and add $ 38 at Seven-Eleven stores to randomly use one FAT-TASTIC glass mug set.

Redemption period at the store: From July 20th (7:00 am) to July 26th, 2022. The quantity is limited, but the stock remains.

# Excluding pre-order items, yuu member pre-order / pre-order items, cigarettes, powdered milk, online game cards, collectable program redemption items, mobile prepaid sims / mobile sim cards / value-added coupons, taco cards / product purchases, Charges for Macau Pass Cards / Products, Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, Admission Tickets / Tickets / Stamps, Shopping Bags. It also excludes payments for the following services, including but not limited to: printouts, prepayments, pin-on receipts, invoice payments, donations, replenishments (Octopus, Alipay, WeChat) for the last 10 transactions of Octopus. , Tap & Go, TNG, Macau Pass, May and other electronic wallets), fax and copy, mobile phone charging service, parcel pick-up and return, locker service, parking fee payment, inspiration lake activity, self-service laundry Such. For more information, please visit our website.

* Excludes transactions at Inspiration Lake Recreation Center and Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disney Resort Food Kiosk.
All prices listed are Hong Kong dollars for Hong Kong stores and Macau Pataca for Macau stores.
Product images are for reference only. Terms apply.
All issues and disputes are subject to the final decision of Seven-Eleven.

About plastic things
Plastic Sing began in 2013 on Facebook and Instagram with illustrations and animations depicting life in Hong Kong in an interesting and friendly way. In recent years, it has diverged into toys, clothing and licenses. The main character is a girl named Futocho who doesn’t want to put on weight but can’t stop eating. She is always on a diet, but she really loves to eat, sleep and play.

About Plastic Sing Illustrator IpYan
IpYan, founder and illustrator of Plastic Sing, graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. After seeing her graduation work, her college tutor encouraged her to share her work on social media. She is currently a full-time multimedia creator.

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