Singapore: Extended grace period for short-term parking at Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Renewal Authority (URA) car parks will be reduced from 20 minutes to 15 minutes from September 2022.

This is due to a significant relaxation of safety control measures from April and a reduction in work-from-home arrangements, HDB said in a press release on Monday (August 22).

Prior to April 2020, all HDB and URA car parks with electronic parking systems will provide drivers with a 10-minute grace period to facilitate parking searches and expedite drop-offs and pick-ups. had been given.

However, since the 2020 circuit breaker, HDB and URA have temporarily adjusted the grace period to 20 minutes in response to the dynamic COVID-19 situation.

Following Monday’s announcement, HDB said:

“HDB and URA are also considering the shift to e-commerce.”

Drivers leaving the car park after the grace period must pay for the entire parking period, including the first 15 minutes.

No more sale and redemption of parking coupons at HDB branches

In addition, HDB will stop selling and exchanging parking tickets at all HDB stores from September 19th.

According to HDB, 9 out of 10 HDB car parks have electronic parking systems and the app was introduced in 2017, resulting in a 99% drop in parking coupon sales in recent years.

Motorists will continue to be able to purchase coupons from authorized agents island-wide, including gas stations and 7-Eleven and Cheers stores, he added.

“Drivers who wish to refund unused or expired parking tickets can still do so at HDB branches.”

HDB should schedule electronic reservations through HDB InfoWEB to reduce the need to wait in line at branches, HDB said.

HDB also encouraged drivers to use the app to pay for short-term parking in car parks that do not have an electronic parking system due to site restrictions.

“Today, nearly 9 out of 10 drivers use the app in these car parks. The app offers drivers the convenience of minute-by-minute charging and automatic calculation of parking fees. So you don’t have to buy or shed tears, you can show multiple coupons,” said HDB.

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