Singapore-A minute of silence was observed before the Singapore Premier League soccer match on Friday night (July 8) after Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister, was killed in a shooting attack. ..

He was shot dead during a speech at a rally in Nara Prefecture at 11:30 am and was declared dead at 5:03 pm local time.

Players from both the Japanese Albirex Niigata and local Tanjong Pagar United teams wore black armbands during the match at Jurong East Stadium.

Daisuke Korenaga, chairman of the Albirex Niigata soccer club in Japan and Singapore, said that “shock” is the only word that expresses his feelings after learning about the tragedy.

“It was a very difficult day … but I saw many Singaporeans paying homage to Mr. Abe on social media. I would like to thank them,” he added.

Korenaga, 44, said he last met Prime Minister Abe when he had a dinner at the former Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo in December 2016.

“I remember Mr Abe really interested in Albirex and how he has participated in the Singapore Premier League (formerly known as the S League) since 2004,” he said. I added.

Japanese fans who attended the match on Friday said they were saddened by the tragedy but wanted to visit others to support each other.

Chef Haruto Kobayashi, 29, said, “I read when I quit my job. I think he was a strong and passionate leader. Not perfect, but one of the better leaders. I’m glad I came here today. Japan You can meet and talk with your friends who are also people. “

Another soccer fan, 26-year-old college student Kenji Nakamura, fears that copycats may occur despite Japan’s strict gun control.

“I’m scared because I don’t know what will happen as a result of this … If someone can make a gun, others will know that they can do it if they want,” he said.

Other Japanese in Singapore have blamed the atrocities and expressed concern about Japan’s security.

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