Health officials said Macau’s Covid-19 cases reached 190 at 00:00 on June 25, 20 more than yesterday, so stay calm and not panic after a new wave of coronavirus hits the city. I told the residents. Patients consist of 118 females and 72 males, ranging in age from 8-month-old babies to 89 years.

Alvis Lo Iek Long, director of the Department of Health (SSM), warned that Omicron variants have a short incubation period and are susceptible to infection. He said residents should stay at home and reduce contact with others as much as possible to keep the virus away. Lo stated that 45 of the new cases were symptomatic and 145 were asymptomatic. Lo does not rule out the possibility of a third mass test.

Lo said the virus is undoubtedly spreading through community infections and the situation will worsen in the coming days. Currently, no professional assistance from mainland China is needed, but he added that assistance will be sought as needed.

Currently, more than 5,600 people are in quarantine in Macau. As of midnight today, Parisian Macao is being used as a quarantine hotel to accommodate the current outbreak of 2,300 rooms, and Lisboeta Macao, with its 650-room hotel, has been quarantined since Thursday morning.

Mr Law said his medical professionals are tracking the virus curve and will take appropriate action.

So far, eight Covid-19 clusters have been identified throughout the city, but the zero cases that caused the outbreak last weekend have not yet been tracked.

they are:

– Imraiville: 85
– Tat Chong Building: 64
– Tim Fung Cleaning Service Co: 10
– OD Health Club: 3
– International Center: 2
– Four Seasons Shoppes Female Staff Changing Room (including Edifício Comercial Chong Kin’s case): 7
– City of Dreams construction site: 2
– Va Fai Kok Building: 8 (related to Yim Lai cluster)

Nine cases are not yet associated with a particular location.

Elderly people, or those who do not know how to upload RAT results to the SSM platform, should take a picture of RAT and keep it as a record. If the test is positive, immediately dial 119, 120, or 2857222 for assistance.

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