(CNS): Health insurance payment support programs, private pension payment freezes, and tourism benefit programs are all scheduled to end this month. What happens to tourism recipients who have to start paying pension funds again next month for employees and workers, or who are not rehired or have less working hours than before the pandemic I haven’t confirmed yet. However, CIG has confirmed that the money paid to support health insurance payments will stop on June 20th.

Prime Minister Wayne Panton said the government could reconsider the pension freeze, but the impact of the massive withdrawal of funds and the suspension of forced payments for two years when the country was blocked in 2020. Also expressed concern about. It’s not clear if stopping payments of benefits for some tourist workers will also be reconsidered, as the sector says it’s currently seeing a tough summer.

However, the Ministry of Health has confirmed the end of extended health insurance assistance in March to give people time to prepare. Provincial officials said the program helped 878 people pay their health insurance premiums each month.

“When this program culminated, the vast majority of people who received help from us are grateful that returning to work has allowed us to reinstate health insurance,” said the Minister of Health Insurance. Sabrina Turner thanked the Health Insurance Commission. ..

Those who still need compensation are instructed to use other public resources, such as the poor insurance program of the Needs Assessment Unit, officials said. Program participants have already been notified of the end date.

Contact the Health Insurance Commission for more information
on mail hic@gov.ky Or phone 946-2084..

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