Thirty-one new Covid-19 cases that struck Macau over the weekend were the most reported in such a short period of time, according to the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center.

Thirty-one carriers, aged 8 months to 89, consist of 21 women and 10 men. Eight of the 31 cases were classified as confirmed corona 19 because of symptoms, and the remaining 23 were classified as asymptomatic because they had no symptoms as of last night.

According to the center, after the epidemiological investigation, staff had 146 other close contacts, 375 others who visited the same location as the Covid-19 carrier at about the same time, and 602 other close contacts, including 36 secondary close contacts. We are implementing follow-up measures for people.

Alvis LoIek Long, director of the Health Department (SSM) and Leong Iek Hou, head of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Department, said the first 21 Covid-19 carriers were 16 women and 5 including 2 clusters. Said it was made up of men.

The first cluster consists of 17 people, 13 non-resident workers living in one flat, residents living on the same floor, and 2 people in Nam Van’s restaurant, one of the 13 non-resident workers. Consists of colleagues, and another employer. , Helping with domestic affairs.

Thirteen non-resident workers and residents live in Imraiville, Sankio district.

The second cluster consisted of four people, consisting of prison staff and three relatives he met on a regular basis. The three live in Tat Chong Building, opposite Imrai Building.

Because the Imrai Building and Tat Chong Building are closed, everyone living there has the Red Macau Health Act and the house unless you collect food and other daily necessities at the government counters set up in the area. It is forbidden to leave.

Lo tentatively decided that the government would enable the Red and Yellow Code Zones for 7 days, and if Macau continues to report more Covid-19-positive cases, the government will have a 10-day validity period. Said that it could be extended to.

Lo said he tentatively concluded that the two clusters were “in a sense connected”, according to the latest findings from the SSM epidemiological study.

Lo emphasized that the government has not yet identified the source of the case. He added that someone in one of the two clusters could have infected someone in the other cluster.

Leong said most of the 21 Covid-19 carriers hadn’t been out of Macau recently, except for two who visited Guangdong 10 days ago.

Leong said the two Covid-19 carriers did not appear to be infected in Guangdong based on the incubation period of the Omicron mutant, but her bureau did not rule out the possibility immediately, adding immediately. rice field.

The ongoing mass NAT drive is running on 53 stations with a total of 342 sampling counters, including 28 general stations, 18 out-of-pocket stations, and 7 special care stations, which are free to test. The mandatory test is for everyone currently in Macau, not just residents.

Everything tested will be given 3 sets of rapid antigen test kits for storage at home for later use.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai health officials yesterday displayed a NAT certificate confirming the negative results of Covid-19, which is valid for 48 hours, as well as 7 days of home quarantine and 7 days of self-health monitoring for arrivals from Macau. I imposed.

The Macau government announced yesterday that everyone leaving Macau via a checkpoint must present a NAT certificate confirming a 24-hour Covid-19 negative result.

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