Bonnie Ryan talked about the disappearance of his deceased father, Jeri Ryan, and how he became a great-grandfather.

A 29-year-old beauty influencer said the late broadcaster, who died in 2010 at the age of 17, was with her on her wedding day. Mind.

“It’s really hard and sometimes I miss him, but you can be very happy in your life. I’m grateful that he was there,” she said.

Bonnie tied her long-standing love at an intimate ceremony in Dublin before enjoying a major wedding in Italy in May.

She became open about planning her honeymoon and told George Crawford in a Good Glow podcast about her plans for a six-week honeymoon with her new husband, John Greenhalf.

“We’re leaving in just over six weeks. It’s actually going to be our honeymoon. I’ve never traveled.

“The longest time I was away was a family holiday of three weeks. I had never interrailed or went to J1. I always worked here during the summer at home.” She continued.

“We were like,’Why?’. Now is the time to leave us.

“Take a big trip and see a place you’ve never seen before. I’m very excited. I’m really excited,” she said.

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Bonnie said he was lonely when a big moment happened with his family, knowing that his father, Jerry, was gone.

The RTÉ broadcaster died suddenly at the age of 53 on April 30, 2010, after having a heart attack.

Bonnie said he made the great-grandfather of Wolf, the son of his sister.

“I have a one year old nephew, and I think he will be the best grandpa.

“It’s really hard and sometimes I miss him, but you can be very happy in your life. I’m really grateful for welcoming him.

“I really think that anyone who loses someone, be it a parent or a friend, can live a truly happy life.

“Even if you experience so sadness, you can continue all the really happy moments in your life and you are not always thinking about the sadness you have experienced,” she explained.

“But when I walk my life and spend all these big moments, or just live my life, I’m like a god. It would be very cool if he could see this. “

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