Passengers are watching a wildfire from a train near Zamora, Spain on July 18, 2022, with this screen grab taken from a social media video. (Reuters / Francisco Theoan Perez)

Madrid: Francisco Soan and his fellow passengers were terrified when the train stopped in the Spanish countryside and looked out the window. Wildfires were invading them from both sides of the track.

“It was really scary to see how fast the fire spreads. In a blink of an eye, new bushes began to burn. It was only a few seconds,” the Spaniards told The Associated Press on Monday.

“Suddenly it was night,” he added.
An unplanned and uneasy stop video shows that 12 passengers on Seoane’s rail car are wary of looking out the window.

When the train stopped in Zamora on Monday morning, flames licked the vegetation and smoke darkened the blue sky. In Samora, flames have recently burned large areas of forest.

Firefighters will engage in a fire on July 18, 2022 in a wheat field in Tabara, Zamora, Spain. (REUTERS / Isabel Infantes)

The state has recorded two deaths from wildfires in the last two days: a 69-year-old shepherd and a 62-year-old firefighter were trapped in flames.

Without passenger announcements coming through the train’s public address system, Seoane said the passengers were excited and began to stand in the aisle.

A Diff spokeswoman told AP that passengers were never at risk.

More than 30 wildfires have struck around Spain, forcing thousands to evacuate and darkening about 22,000 hectares (54,300 acres) in the past week.

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