Hengqin Special Cooperation Zone is “Zero Carbon Island”, a pilot demonstration of “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral”, Guangdong Province and Macau authorities have shown.

This goal was announced at a symposium on June 14th at the Cantonese Macau Deep Cooperation Zone on Hengqin Island, entitled “Leading Smart Energy Innovation in the Greater Bay Area (GBA).”

Organized by the International Clean Energy Forum (IFCE) (Macao), the event focuses on energy, transportation, construction, industry and carbon isolation, and is a scientific research institute, industry association, academic association, major enterprise, and government sector. Staff were invited.

Hengqin is one of the first pilot sites in Guangdong Province to implement carbon neutrality based on the main task list of the 2022 State Government Work Report issued by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province in March.

He said that carbon peak and carbon neutral pilot demonstrations would be actively promoted, guidance and construction guidelines for carbon peak and neutral pilot demonstrations would be defined and implemented, and the construction of the first batch of such projects would be guided. I am.

At the symposium, a cooperation agreement was signed between IFCE and the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) to build a national smart energy innovation center in Macau.

According to Yokokoto authorities, SPIC has had a comprehensive smart energy demonstration base in Yokokoto since 2013, reducing electricity consumption in refrigerated electric refrigeration areas by about 13 million kWh and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Reduced by more than 4100 tons.

On May 25, Guangdong University of Technology won a contract to finalize the overall carbon neutral pilot demonstration plan for RMB3.9 million (US $ 580,700), and the final plan is scheduled to be submitted by the end of December this year.

According to the Zone Urban Planning and Construction Department, the plan will focus on mechanism and system innovation, low-carbon industrial development, and zero-carbon treatment of solid waste. A variety of innovative thematic activities on low carbon production and livelihoods, carbon peaks and carbon neutrals will also be organized to provide a pilot experience in Guangdong and other parts of China.

Supplementary documents guide industry, construction, transportation, and other sectors in carbon-neutral implementations. The plan is to integrate the concept of carbon neutrality into the construction and development process of the cooperation zone to support quality socio-economic development.

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