A recent report from the Icelandic Meteorological Agency said this summer saw record low temperatures.

In total, there were 27 days with temperatures above 20°C (68°F) across Iceland. Compared to last summer, he had 57 hot days.

The highest temperature recorded this summer was in Manarbakki in northeastern Iceland. The region often has sunny and warm weather in summer.

This summer Reykjavík recorded only 18°C ​​(64°F), the first in 20 years in 2001.

But summer isn’t quite over yet. Relatively mild and warm weather is expected this weekend. While unlikely to break records, we should still have good weather on the last day of hiking, fishing, berry picking and other outdoor activities this year.



The post of a historically cold summer, confirmed by a recent report from the Metropolitan Secretariat, was first published in the Iceland Review.

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