Ho Iat-seng will hold a video conference on Tuesday with the secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Zhuhai City Commission, Lv Yuyin, and other officials in neighboring cities to address epidemic prevention measures, product supply and borders. We talked about going over.

Both sides exchanged views on regional policies and measures for the next step. In addition, we discussed the need to quickly resume normality across national borders when the epidemic situation in the two regions stabilized, and the entry and exit of people with urgent needs during the epidemic and the search for quarantine hotels. According to a statement from the Government Intelligence Service.

Mr. Ho thanked Guangdong and Zhuhai authorities for their strong support in the fight against the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 that struck the SAR since June 18.

Ho Iat Seng showed that Macau responded to the epidemic, took various steps in an orderly manner at various stages as the epidemic progressed, and achieved preliminary results in the fight against the outbreak of the epidemic. rice field. The Chief Executive Officer is that Macau adheres to the “dynamic goal of zero infection” and makes every effort to contain cases of transmission in the community as soon as possible in order to protect the lives and health of the inhabitants. Was repeated.

Ho added that he would strive to stabilize the epidemic as soon as possible in order to facilitate the resumption of normality at border crossings between residents of the two regions in an orderly and scientific manner.

Lv Yuyin, Secretary-General of the CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee, said that Macau SAR will actively support epidemic prevention work in Zhuhai, share information quickly, and coordinate policies related to crossing borders in a timely manner. He said he is constantly improving the prevention and co-management of. ..

He said he hopes that both parties will be able to further strengthen communication and improve epidemic prevention and combat collaboration in response to situational developments and scientific assessments and analyzes. Ensuring epidemic and security prevention and combat to best ensure the movement of people and goods between the two cities while minimizing the impact on socio-economic development, production and the livelihoods of the population. To do.

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