Hong Kong Health Secretary Lo Chung-mau said that the “one country, two systems” principle implemented in China’s two SARs requires Hong Kong to have its own Covid-19 policy and copy the pandemic handling method. Said that it means there is no. In mainland China.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Lo arrived in Hong Kong in November without conditional quarantine.

Instead of imitating mainland China’s Covid-19 policy, the health director said, “to improve the ring fence case and make sure the city does not need to return to strict social measures,” local health. He said he supported the law and more tests. Avoid, SCMP reported.

“We are one country, two systems, even in the pandemic policy of the last two years … [China] We do not blindly require Hong Kong to follow that policy. This should please all of our foreign companies, “he insisted.

Lo, who has been Chief of Staff at the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital since taking office on July 1, has reformed the city’s Covid-19 policy, including suspending flight suspensions and shortening hotel quarantine times abroad. Has begun.Arrival from 7 days of hotel quarantine Change to “5 + 2”, “3 + 4”, and even “0 + 7” policies, and extra days refer to home quarantine.

However, to achieve this, he recently introduced a real name registration system in the Hong Kong government’s “Leave Home Safe” risk exposure app, adding mainland Chinese-style color-coded components to Bar Covid-19. Isolation of patients and travelers from local facilities, and the resurrection of electronic tracking wristbands for some criticized home-isolated people.

Reducing hotel quarantine times will be possible by strictly banning access to “high-risk areas,” Law said, saying further investigation is needed before Hong Kong moves forward with changes to quarantine rules. Added.

By the time the “Global Financial Readers Dialogue” and the “Global Financial Readers Investment Summit” are held by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on November 1st and 2nd, respectively, the word “quarantine” simply tests the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). May mean. According to SCMP, banning high-risk activities such as bar gatherings.

“At least a PRC test is needed. But should the quarantine be limited to a fixed location? Is it a yellow code that doesn’t appear on the bar for the first few days, in addition to medical surveillance?” Does not exclude, “Rho said. “I also like traveling, so I want to achieve that too.”

Asked if he was copying a model of Macau with a color code app similar to mainland China’s system, he emphasized: I only learn from others. ”

Born in Macau, Law added that the main purpose of health law is “not to trap people, only to identify those who are really at risk.” Hong Kong is a very international city, and unlike Macau, it has different needs. He pointed out that the health code systems designed for the two SARs are different because Macau’s starting point was zero.

Macau Covid-19 The number of cases since the outbreak last month has exceeded 1,600 as the city continues to aim for zero cases of Covid-19. Despite a surge in numbers in the first two weeks of the discovery of Covid-19 in Macau on June 18, the number of cases has declined daily over the past few days. On July 12, Macau registered only 32 new cases.

“Hong Kong can’t achieve absolute zero. You have to find your own zero, whether it’s Celsius, Fahrenheit, or absolute zero,” Lo said, in contrast to the amateur “zero.” , Repeated the analogy used before absolute zero in science. SCMP reported that the city should not be pursued and kills all life forms.

Lo has previously been reported to support the Zero Covid-19 policy.

Hong Kong’s current Covid-19 tally has risen to nearly 1.3 million since the pandemic began, with 9,420 coronavirus-related deaths.

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