Hotel Fortune is on the list of blocked areas in the Red Code, health officials said.

The hotel was sealed this morning at and near the casino after one of the hotel’s workers tested positive for Covid and reportedly affected 500 to 700 people.

Since the seal, security and health officials have been seen carrying supplies to hotels in Ruadekantan 49-63.

In accordance with the Pandemic Prevention Policy, people in the hotel must comply with the requirements of the Red Code Area. That is, on-site nucleic acid testing is temporarily arranged to be performed daily.st3rd And 7thDaily; with a rapid antigen test arranged to be performed on the 2ndnd,Fourth,FivethAnd 6thday to day.

No one can leave the zone, but can enter, except for the work staff. Individuals in this zone should minimize their activities and collect their daily necessities at designated locations.

While comprehensive restrictions and closure controls are in place, affected individuals are isolated for on-site medical observation or for centralized control and medical observation depending on the actual situation. It may be moved to the right place.

Approximately 47 confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been reported so far, and approximately 1,500 people directly or indirectly related to these cases are under medical supervision.

The latest Red Code Lockdown Zone includes the following buildings:

  1. EDF. YIM LAI: Rua de Manuel de Arriaga 66-66C;
  2. PADRE Modern Cuisine: Avenida de Praia Grande 251;
  3. EDF. TAT CHEONG: Rua de Afonso de Albuquerque 33-35G;
  4. EDF. Parkway Mansion (Block 2): Ruad Almirante Costa Cabral 146;
  5. CENTRO CHIU FOK: Rua de Pedro Coutinho 23;
  6. FLOWER CITY: LEI POU KOK: Avenida Olimpica 177-259, Ruade Évora 10-72;
  7. Lake View Garden: Prasa de Robo de Avila 16-18;
  8. Cornes Assadas Lam Kei: Rua da Emenda 40;
  9. CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE MACAU (TORRE VI): Rua de Malaca 124, Ruado Terminal Marítimo 93-103 Travelssada Amizade 82;
  10. EDF. JARDIM IAT LAI (BLOCO 6): RuaCentral de T’oi Sán 302;
  11. EDF. MAN LEI (BLOCOS S, T): Rua Dois do Bairro daAreia Preta 6;
  12. HOTEL FORTUNA (Ruade Cantão 49-63, Rua de Foshan 48A-78, PPraça de D. Afonso Henriques 76-90) (Note: Pak Tou parking lot is normally open.)

On the other hand, the preventive zone or the yellow code zone is currently:

  1. EDF. SON LEI: Rua de Manuel de Arriaga 64-64B;
  2. EDF. CHUN FONG: Rua de Afonso de Albuquerque 38-40A;
  3. EDF. TAK FONG: Avenida de Praia Grande 241-253;
  4. EDF. TAK WENG: Rua de Afonso de Albuquerque 37-45;
  5. EDF. MAN HENG: Rua de Afonso de Albuquerque 31C-31G.

The yellow areas should be immediately tested for onsite nucleic acids. The first check is completed within 24 hours after the area is defined.

Nucleic acid test is temporarily placed at 1st2nd3rd,Fiveth And 7th No one can leave the zone for days.

We will implement border exit restrictions and closely monitor our health and self-health for at least 14 days.

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