Resuming business trips, such as Yvonne Yo, who has a two-year-old son, is another challenge. The director of the hospitality company started her business trip in February this year, and her business trip tends to last three to four days.

“I’m only on a short business trip right now, but I miss my boy so much that I have the opportunity to make a video call before going home from kindergarten and going to bed. During the first two days I was away, he was willing to travel to me. But by the third day he was upset and realized that I would get his attention or it would take a while for him to talk to me directly. ” Said.

Post-pandemic challenges

Some mothers also struggle with expectations of work after a pandemic. Daphne (not her real name), whose daughter is a one-year-old sales and project manager, said: Their work is also late, so they won’t call you late at night or on weekends. It was okay for the zoom meeting. “

But now that Singapore is completely open, things are back to normal before the pandemic, “everyone is trying to work at 150 percent to catch up,” she said.

“Clients expect you to call me 24/7 … people call me at 10 pm and if I don’t answer, they call again. They. Expects things to happen fast or instantly. By default, they don’t suggest Zoom meetings and instead request face-to-face meetings, “she added.

Daphne said this was a challenge for her, especially when her daughter became ill and had to stay home instead of caring for her baby. She also separated her daughter from the center for a week due to an outbreak of hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD). She said she had a hard time arranging alternative childcare because Mr Daphne didn’t have the option of working completely at her home.

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