As many children start their new school year this week, a new survey shows that the majority of younger children are worried about starting school.

A Disney ( survey of parents with children ages 3 to 6 found that 72% of children were concerned about the return to school, and two in five parents , thinks that starting school today is much more difficult than it was in childhood. In addition, more than one-third of her parents (35%) admit to having trouble building their child’s confidence, and nearly half (47%) hinder their child’s confidence. attributed to her COVID-19 lockdown.

To boost the confidence of young girls, Disney has partnered with educational charity The Female Lead ( to spotlight inspiring women for a new initiative, Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine. I got

The campaign includes a series of Princess Pep Talk videos centered around the Princess mantra that inspires children about adventure, confidence and potential to prepare their children for school.

Inspirational: England football captain Leah Williamson (GirlsontheBall/PA)

England soccer captain Leah Williamson, named the most inspiring role model for children in a Disney survey, endorsed the campaign and said: By practicing faith and perseverance, they can be whatever they want! ”

Disney and The Female Lead collaborated with parenting expert Sue Atkins on Pep Talk to share the story told by teenage sisters Kirsten Mbawa, 14, and Aiyven Mbawa, 13. is created. (

Atkins said: and get out there.

“Girls tend to be self-deprecating as they grow up and aren’t really allowed to be in the limelight or praised for what they’re good at. Research shows that boys don’t suffer as much. I think it’s important for girls’ parents to model, talk about, encourage and nurture their confidence.It’s time for girls to shine!

“These encouragement videos can start big conversations with little people early on and build your child’s confidence from there.”

Sue Atkins shares three Disney princess mantras from a parenting expert…

Frozen Elsa: My Possibilities Are Infinite

“Everybody loves Elsa, and I love this whole idea that there is no limit to your ability to take on challenges and your ability to bounce back,” Atkins says. It shows that there is no upper limit to what can be achieved, even if it is a goal.”

Including the Williamson and Mbawa sisters in the campaign reinforces the importance of inspiring female role models, says Atkins. It is very important for young children to take the lead in starting school, but due to the pandemic, children may not be able to play with their friends and may become withdrawn and shy.

“The greatest gift you can give any daughter is your time,” she says. “Let her play with her, talk to her, listen to her and tell her that she is loved no matter what. Make sure she knows.”

Princess and Frog Tiana: I’ll do my best

Atkins explains that positive affirmations have been shown to work when followed and assimilated over time. “It’s not about being perfect, which I think is very important for girls. It’s about being happy and confident,” she emphasizes. “The idea of ​​doing your best and being okay with making mistakes is how you learn from those mistakes, recover from them, and start over.

“It’s important to do your best. Don’t settle for second best, aim high, and praise your kids for rewards and effort, not necessarily for achievement.

Atkins points out the importance of teaching girls to be ambitious and breaking the stereotype that Type A women are bossy and men have leadership skills. I’m here. She stresses that her parents need to be careful about the messages they convey to their children, whether they are girls or boys.

She recalls: But she is also assertive about what she thought and wanted. ”

Moana: Ready for any adventure

Courage is an important message for girls, says Atkins. Sometimes they might just sit back and wait, so her idea of ​​Moana taking things on her adventures ready is something really positive for kids to aspire to.

“Moana represents a ‘can-do’ child who doesn’t mind making mistakes and picks up and starts over. Remember that resilience is earned. She thinks her daughter can’t do anything and doesn’t rush to help. I think girls are getting the wrong message. ”

She believes that parents who act as role models are important and that whether they are shy, open, ambitious, or kind, they have a positive attitude about their bodies and their lives. “All these things you’re modeling for girls, and your boys too,” she says.

“Moms and dads play a very important role because children are constantly watching, learning and listening to their parents. Parents should always build a girl’s self-esteem and self-confidence by talking to them.”

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