Members of the online community have expressed their views on the increasing road rage incident, suggesting that COE, which stands for Certificate of Entitlement, shows a driver’s attitude and is not the right to own or use a vehicle in Singapore. I am.

Facebook community pages such as ROADS.sg and SG Road Vigilante – SGRV often upload camera footage of aggressive driving behavior, such as reckless turns, horns, or being called by another road user with the middle finger. ..

ROADS.sg wrote in a post on Saturday (July 16th) that “Road Rage cases often result in a sense of driver’s rights, which means that the driver has the right to drive on the road.” increase.

After a high-profile incident at Tuas Second Link last week, a woman blocked a multipurpose car (MPV) with one hand and snatched the car’s plate before hitting it against the windshield. online.

It was reported that a woman and her son, who pointed their middle finger at the MPV driver, reacted that way after the MPV blocked the path and collided with the car.

“This is a real and big problem in Singapore, and people are reacting on the basis of very small incidents like amputations,” ROADS.sg said.

Netizens also shared their views on the issue, noting that changing lanes was not an issue. “It’s a way to change the way they offend others,” said Facebook user Chili iPadi.

He said people would get angry if people didn’t signal and just interrupted without paying close attention.

“Check the traffic lights clearly. If you have another vehicle, pass or slow down before changing lanes. Sending a traffic light doesn’t just force you in.” He added over 50 likes to the comments.

“The big problem is that many drivers are very impatient and want a lane cut,” said Facebook user Andrew Yap.

He proposes to incorporate such an example into a driving test. “Let’s make lane breaks, tailgating, and speeding crimes. These three are mortal sins,” he added.

One Chun-Chau Chew reminded everyone to give way when they don’t need it because it makes driving more comfortable and safe.

“Don’t assume that your” Certificate of Entitlement “certificate leads to a huge egosense of” Certificate of Entitlement “. / TISG

After the angry woman on the path of the virus is said to be throbbing; the man who posted the video urges the netizens to stop harassing

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