In rural and low-income areas of Pakistan, one in two does not have basic medical care. On the other hand, in the city, there are thousands of qualified female doctors at home who are unable to practice their post-marriage profession. This is the result of the country’s so-called “doctor’s bride” phenomenon. Dr. Sarah Saeed, 35, collaborates with Sehat Kahani to address both national issues by providing services that connect home-based female doctors with poorly serviced communities through an electronic health network. Established.

“I felt the pain of a woman living a dream of 23 years of life, the dream of serving people in need. In the end, I had to choose between my career and my family.” Saeed explains. Her own personal experience motivated her to start the program.

Today, Sehat Kahani, which means “health story” in Urdu, has emerged as one of Pakistan’s leading digital health players. Boasting a network of 37 electronic clinics in all four states of Pakistan, it is also Pakistan’s largest corporate telemedicine provider, serving more than 350 companies and covering 3.2 million people. The consumer app has more than 900,000 users, and a network of 7,000 doctors has consulted more than 950,000 so far.

Having female physicians as a strength of our healthcare professionals, I sincerely believe that telemedicine can bridge the supply-demand gap between Pakistani physicians and patients and provide an affordable and equitable opportunity for everyone. increase.

She says that becoming an Enterprise Winner Rolex Award in 2019 has greatly helped her cause. “All young entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, need support to support her cause and not only celebrate her success, but also support her failure,” Saeed says. “The Rolex team was thick and thin with me.”

This article is part of a two-episode series, the Guardians of the future, and focuses on the Rolex Awards efforts for enterprise winners working to create a better and more sustainable world.

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