How Luxembourg celebrates National Foundation Day


What is the story behind the Grand Duke’s birthday, how does the country celebrate the National feierdag, and what is happening this year?

What is the story behind the Grand Duke’s birthday, how does the country celebrate the National feierdag, and what is happening this year?

The tradition of celebrating June 23 began with the Grand Duchess of Charlotte.

Photo courtesy of Guy Wolff

National Foundation Day is held on June 23 every year to celebrate the Grand Duke’s birthday. However, it is not always celebrated in June, not his birthday.

The tradition of celebrating a monarch’s birthday with a heavy drinker’s holiday dates back to the 19th century, when Luxembourg was still part of the Netherlands. When the Dutch and Luxembourg throne broke up in 1890 (because at that time the Grand Duchy could not inherit from a female family and Wilhelmina took over her father to the Dutch throne), the House of Nassau-Weilburg was replaced by the Grand Duke. Do so on the day, the birthday of the ruling Grand Duke.

Initially, the celebration was mostly official, but records show that the Illuminated Procession took place in 1840, including a musical parade and national anthem songs. By 1870, the Illuminated Procession was integrated into the celebration, and public dances were added in the 1890s.

Why June 23rd?

It began with the Grand Duchy of Charlotte, one of Luxembourg’s most beloved royal families. The Grand Duchy of Charlotte was the royal chief of the Grand Duchy from 1919 to 1964. Her birthday was January 23, which was not the perfect time for a fireworks party. She moved the celebration to June 23rd. This day became a legal holiday in 1948, and the date was set by the legislation of the Grand Duchy in 1961. The actual birthday of the current Grand Duchy Henri is April 16th.

How is National Foundation Day celebrated?

The festival is The actual eve Day (June 22nd) at 16.00 Change of guards At the Grand Palace. It will be attended by the Duchess and the Duchess and accompanied by the Luxembourg Military Band.

Grand Duke Henri's actual birthday is April 16th Photo: Matic Zorman

Grand Duke Henri’s actual birthday is April 16th Photo: Matic Zorman

After that, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa Visit another town Every year in Luxembourg.Their heirs, Grand Duchess Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stephanie, have traditionally been Esch-sur-Alzette This includes a procession of 40 communities through Place l’Hotel de Ville and the laying of wreaths at the monument aux Morts.

To about 21.30 “Fakelzuch” or torchlight matrix Passing through the city of Luxembourg begins at Petrouge, with the Grand Duke’s Office and the podium on Roosevelt Boulevard by the mayor in the best vantage point. Over the past few years, the procession has included several floats and about 2000 people, including local associations, folk groups and marching bands. After that, the atmosphere of DJs, concerts, and general parties takes over the streets.

Torchlight procession and fireworks on the eve of National Foundation Day Photo: Guy Wolff

Torchlight procession and fireworks on the eve of National Foundation Day Photo: Guy Wolff

At 23.00, the night sky of the city was “FreedefeierOr great Fireworks display Cross the Pont Adolphe and continue for about 15-20 minutes to the music. The party isn’t over yet, but it’s about to begin.

National day It is a more calm event in itself, starting with a more formal ceremony on June 23rd. 10.00 at the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra..During the ceremony, the Prime Minister traditionally gives a speech and awards the Grand Duke Award. honor To the citizens Those who have made important contributions to the Grand Duchy. Philharmonic also plays works by different composers each year. In 2019, the orchestra performed a song titled “Regisostium” composed by classical and jazz trumpet player Ernie Hammes.

After the ceremony 21-gun salute from Fetschenhaff At cents, and Military parade, Army, police, fire and rescue personnel, and the Red Cross are involved. In addition to marching bands, military equipment is on display, with military aircraft flying overhead. In the past, this parade was an Army trade fair or “arméifestWas held at Martyrs’ Square, but since 2019, the exhibition and parade have been moved to Kirchberg’s European Square.

The national anthem “”Ons Heemech of LuxembourgOr our hometown is sung during a military parade, and if you don’t know it, you can hear it in the English subtitles below:

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Solemnly in the afternoon Te deum Will be done in Notre Dame Cathedral, Led by the Archbishop of Luxembourg, attended by officials and officials, including the Duchess and Duchess, Rabbi, the Chief of Luxembourg, Imam, a representative of the Muslim community, and the pastor of the Anglican Church in Luxembourg. This is your chance to hear the cathedral’s stunning organ movements and the voice of a military band trumpet player.

Children are invited to try different games on National Foundation Day Spillfest and Cannuk Vis Park from 14.00 and have a free concert Place Darm During the afternoon.

The Duchess and Duchess have not yet raised their feet. Usually, they host another reception at the Grand Palace and add a whole new level to celebrate their 48-hour birthday, even if it’s not their actual birthday. birthday.

2022 celebration

We hope you’ll know that this year too, National Foundation Day celebrations will take place in cities, towns and villages across Luxembourg.

Ville de Luxembourg is now Full program Parades, concerts, celebration details and more on both days here, Glacis City Sounds Featuring concerts (both days) and Rag’n’Boneman and Emeli Sandé.

If you don’t like trekking to the town, check out what is hosted by your local commune. The Steinfort Commune will host a U2 tribute band on June 22nd, Murphy’s Law and Hoffi Zambesi will perform live on the same night at Mama, and fireworks will be launched on June 23rd.

Watch this video for a bird’s eye view of the city’s National Foundation Day.

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