Especially for your child, it doesn’t take long for the mother to feel guilty.

Think of all the time you feel lacking as a mother – – You need to ignore a crying child to take part in a zoom call, even when the child takes action, is late for school, is physically unable to attend the house, or is working at home. I have. It’s mom’s guilt.

You may also have lost the number of guilty cases when you look at how well your friends’ children are doing at school and in life. It’s when you have little time to see your daily problems.

Mom doesn’t seem to be able to take a break. So what is her mother’s guilt and why do so many women feel this way?

Various forms of mom’s guilt

According to Silvia Weatherel Allian Counseling Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor, mWell, guilt is “more prevalent in the first child and early infestation.” But even so, there is no “expiration date” for when such feelings stop.

Guilt can actually start early in pregnancy, she said. For example, forgetting to take folic acid supplements to prevent birth defects in the fetal brain and spine.

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