She consulted many doctors, including a dermatologist, but when the solution didn’t work, Yong turned to alternative therapies such as natural remedies and Chinese herbal medicine (TCM). Shanmin got the prescribed TCM herbs, boiled them and mixed them into the diet.

When Shanmin started solids, all her meals were cooked from scratch, and Yong-ha recorded all the ingredients and everything her child ate.

At the age of 11 months, when Shanmin weaned breast milk, Yong found an alternative milk and made a healthy and healthy diet every day.

“At night, I sat down with an A4 folder and looked at daily records, what she ate every day, and her skin condition. In this way, I identified trends and potential. Allergens were found. Our goal is to create a list of “safe” foods that are known to meet her nutritional needs while ensuring that they do not cause itching. did. ”

Little Warrior-an idea born of despair

Only undecorated mittens, velcro, zippers, and protective clothing with buttons prevented her from becoming bloody.

At the whit end, Yong asked her husband to procure clothing that could protect Shanmin’s skin while keeping her comfortable in the heat of Singapore. The clothing also needed to include padded mittens to prevent scratches on the baby’s nails.

Yong’s mental health depended on the thread. “At that time, I was mentally struggling and crying every night because of the pain the children experienced.”

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