Call it a hut, a man’s cave, an office, a guest room, a gym, a music studio, a children’s room, or an emotional escape room. The garden annex is redefining the space outside of us. “It’s a conceptual hut.” When we first built the garden studio 10 years ago, until it was fully kitted as a home office and den with the comfort of creatures comparable to indoors. My friend told me. Working hours without pulling infants (and quiet tea).

In the pandemic, an all-weather outdoor annex has taken a leap forward. It was the answer to many of our problems. Another room to escape when you get tired of the same four walls or when you need to make a zoom call with confidence. Since the pandemic, garden room installers have reported a 400% increase in inquiries and a huge number of customers seeking office space. Inflation in real estate prices has proven to be economically exorbitant for many of us to move home and find extra rooms. Fortunately, you can add space to your garden for a small fee. If the structure is less than 25 square meters and you do not plan to “live”, you do not need a building permit.


Clean up your decorations to get the most out of your space.Photo: Civil Archer

Garden rooms, modern garden rooms, shomelas, room outsides, and eco-build garden rooms all offer solutions ranging from small eco-pods to bespoke stylish rooms. “Twenty years ago, we were still educating people about the concept,” says garden room owner John Shelley. “Currently, they are incorporating it into their long-term plans.”

The great thing about garden studios is that they fit into any style and can accommodate any whim. So don’t be afraid to experiment and shine your personality. “Because it tends to change with your family’s life cycle, keep your design flexible with an open plan,” John advises.


Artificial fig tree, 105.50 euros,

It’s important to determine the current features, but it’s also worth considering, for example, teenagers doing Leaving Certs and the ability to modify the interior to suit their new interest in yoga. Whatever its function, there is no doubt that the stove will be installed for instant comfort and efficient heat. After all, this should be a relaxing escape game at some point, so consider a comfortable seating option as well.


Otters chaise lounges start at £ 7,800 / € 9,000 at

Maker & Son may be a more expensive aspect, but for comfort you can’t beat the range of handmade sofas and armchairs. All are made using sustainable hardwood frames and machine washable natural materials.


Sherpa Lounge Fat Boy, € 749,

If your studio is rapidly becoming a teenage hangout, the Finnish design shop Sherpa Lounge Fat Boy Beanbag is a luxurious footless armchair that you can easily move around. They will also love the Kreafunk Bluetooth speaker, which is a neat music solution for small spaces.


Eichholz Highland Desk, € 3,345,

If your studio doubles as your home office, you’ll need a stylish desk and chair, such as CA Design’s Eichholtz Highland desk or Dexter chair. A sophisticated scandi set made of retro-designed washed oak veneer and desk light. (Ferm Living, Dunnes Stores, Amara, Smallable) and space-softening rugs (Ferm Living, Dunnes Stores, Amara, Smallable)rugs.ieHarvey Norman, The Rug Loft, JYSK).


Isola curve storage table, 199 euros,

Your garden studio is likely not very large, so keeping it clean is also essential to keeping your head clean. Storage tables, such as the Lampmaster Isola table, add functionality while keeping the style down.


Kreafunk Bluetooth Speaker, € 239,

The garden room goes far beyond what we expect from a hut. When built to high specs, it requires less maintenance and is a multifunctional space ideal for year-round use, adding value to your home.

Thanks to wireless technology and efficient insulation, today’s cabins or studios are an extension of our home and multitasking sanctuary. So, if you have a cluttered hut or an unused corner in your yard, a chic studio annex is exactly what you need when you’re looking for that elusive “my time” It may be something like.

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