Mac users can now use the iPhone as a high-end webcam for their computers as part of an upgrade that applies to Apple’s latest operating system update, MacOS Ventura.

In addition to the excellent optics used by the iPhone camera, such as portrait mode, the system displays the user’s physical desktop from above as part of the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera. This is a move aimed at helping people create DIY videos. It also uses a feature called studio light that adjusts the lighting to brighten the subject’s face as if it were illuminated by a ring light. The center stage, which is a function that follows when moving, also works.

A new webcam setup called Continuity Camera will be available wirelessly when two devices are close together without unlocking the iPhone.

It also appears to be set to work with multiple camera apps, including Zoom.

This answers the criticism of the Covid era that computer makers failed to incorporate a decent webcam into their laptops and desktop computers. It has been the policy of PC companies to date that a good built-in camera takes up space and costs more components.

Apple has extended Handoff to FaceTime. This means that FaceTime calls initiated on your iPhone or iPad will automatically switch to your Mac as the caller approaches your computer, and vice versa.

MacOS Ventura will be available in beta within a few weeks and will be available for free in the fall.

Separately, Apple has introduced enhanced multitasking for the iPad through the Stage Manager feature. This allows users to multitask with duplicate windows of different sizes in one view, drag and drop windows from the side, or open an app from the Dock to create a group of apps. increase. The window of the app the user is working on is centered, and the other open apps and windows are placed on the left in the latest order.

Stage Manager also enables full external display support with up to 6K resolution and up to 4 apps each on the display and iPad.

The iPad OS 16 feature, which is limited to iPads that use the M1 chip (2021 iPad Pro and 2022 iPad Air), is part of Apple’s deep efforts to make the iPad more established as a work-friendly computer.

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