The head of the World Health Organization says he cannot send money to “starving” relatives in Ethiopia’s Tigray region amid a blockade by government forces.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in some of his most personal comments about an area where riots broke out again on Wednesday after months of calm, left his loved ones among the 6 million people nearly trapped in the Tigray. I lamented that I could not help.

“I have a lot of relatives there.

“I can’t help them. I can’t help them. I can share from what I have. They are in full lockdown so I can’t do that,” Dr Tedros added.

“I can’t talk to them. I don’t know who’s dead and who’s alive.”

The Tigray doctor, who claims he is not in Tigray favor, has spoken of humanitarian crises in Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Congo and many other places.

However, he seeks to overcome inaction and carelessness from a world beset by other problems and worries, believing that previously his people had been overlooked because of the color of their skin. There is

He said the Tigray crisis was exceptional because government forces in Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea have largely cut off the region from the rest of the world, including the transportation of most of the humanitarian aid needed by the people. rice field.

“Can you tell me where in the world the situation is the same?” he said. “We are talking about 6 million people collectively being punished.”

Tigray officials on Wednesday accused Ethiopian forces of launching the first “massive” offensive in the area in a year.

Government officials countered that Tigre forces attacked first.

The conflict began in November 2020 and left thousands dead in Africa’s second most populous country.

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