Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Photo credit: DoE)

(CNS): December 1 marks not only the beginning of the Christmas season, but also the end of the six-month hurricane season and the beginning of the short lobster season. But the Ministry of the Environment is reminding those looking forward to the popular shellfish feast that catches and locations are still limited, and that the season is not free to join. Still terribly scarce, the season only lasts until the end of February, and you won’t be able to collect lobster from the marine park at any time.

The daily catch is 3 fish per person or up to 6 fish for boats of 2 or more people. No person may consume, allow others to consume, purchase, receive, offer to sell, barter or donate, or own more than three lobsters from Cayman waters. is not permitted on any day. You can take Ise lobster only.

Call DoE Enforcement 949-8469 or 916-4271 or 911 to report suspicious activity.

Meanwhile, Cayman can breathe a sigh of relief after escaping major storms this hurricane season.Aside from the aftermath Hurricane Ian, the jurisdiction has escaped widespread and severe damage this year. 2022 has been an average season with 14 named storms and hurricanes wreaking havoc in other jurisdictions. The summer was pretty quiet, but September saw both Fiona and Ian crashing into Puerto Rico and Florida.

Severe weather is still possible, but forecasters at the US National Hurricane Center said Thursday they don’t expect cyclones to form over the next five days.

View local weather forecast here.

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