Officially herring legend Brian Wellahan can’t wonder why U-20 players can’t double up and play with Millennium Man and Senior.

Famous for playing Minor, Senior, and U-21 at Offaly in a special season of 1989, Hellahan believes that the GAA chief is fundamentally wrong with the four-time All-Star. I believe.

Limerick’s ace Kahal O’Neill is famous for not being able to play in the U-20 Treaty, which was slightly defeated by Kilkenny in the All-Ireland final earlier this year after competing in John Kylie’s senior side championship. Wellahan categorically insists on such a thing. The rule “should not be included in our game”.

“I don’t think they know what they’re talking about,” Wellahan said of the GAA rules. “If they don’t allow players to play U-20 and they think they’re protected by playing seniors, they’re terribly wrong.

“They’re training anyway, so you can be confident they’re playing the game, so it’s not like how they’re resting.

“And last year, introducing a rule prohibiting GAA from playing in minor grades is one of his opportunities, as it is enough to play seniors, so to the growth of that player. I think it’s very harmful.

“You can’t roll back this year. When you’re a minor, you’re heading for the minor. When you’re done, you’re heading for the U-20. My time was the U-21. It was your huge one. There is a priority because you only had a few years to play it.

“In order to make a rule that GAA can’t play because he’s playing senior, it’s not correct and shouldn’t be included in our game.”

Wellahan is such a marquee player from the U-20 team, as an example after Kelly’s football superstar David Clifford abandoned his U-20 career and was parachuted directly to the advanced ranks. Claims to have a great knock-on effect. “

“Not all players on the U-20 team play seniors, which prohibits them from winning their U-20 medals. It may be the height of their inter-county career. It’s wrong, it’s wrong, “he emphasized.

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