Ian Baraklov argued that he could deal with the criticisms that came after the young team patiently sought to find a way after the recent retreat of the Nations League in Northern Ireland.

The same problem that was apparent in Thursday’s 1-0 home defeat to Greece was poor with the Cyprus side, who would definitely have won the contest in Larnaca when Barakrov’s men showed another disjointed performance. A goalless draw that plagued Northern Ireland again.

The draw extended Northern Ireland’s unwinning run to 12 games, which was only their third point.

The territory is attached. I have thick skin.

In a week when Baraklov is already facing questions about pressure, a section of 600 powerful moving green and white troops cheers on the final whistle at the AEK Arena, and some fans lack progress. I was dissatisfied with.

“There are always people who question your position,” he said. “When you win the game, people aren’t happy because you haven’t won by a sufficient margin.

“It comes with the territory. It has thick skin.”

This week’s Northern Ireland performance is a step back from the format presented in last year’s World Cup qualifying campaign. Expected to easily beat the 105th-ranked team in the world, fans were disappointed again.

Baraklov complained that they couldn’t win, but pointed out a problem with his team to explain why.

Young people are in the limelight as Stuart Dallas, Craig Cathcart, Josh Magennis and others are no longer available. Shay Charles started in Cyprus three days after the unexpected debut on the Windsor Park bench, with Brodie Spencer and Connor McMenamin making their debut.

We ask them, some of them children, to do men’s jobs.

“I know what it looks like,” Baraklov added. “We have to win a soccer match. We want to win a soccer match. We know where we want to go.

“The big picture is that we have a team big enough to fight in the euro. In this group we are not there.

“We’re talking about a player under the age of 21 who has never played soccer, but don’t worry about this …

“We made errors. Some of them are basic errors. But you see where we came from and where we are. End of the season. So we got together and brought in new players who have played with each other and have never even met each other.

“We’re asking them, some of them to do men’s work. They’re stepping up, but they’re not at the top level and they look disjointed. Must show patience to them.

“They can’t get down on it and beat themselves, otherwise we won’t go anywhere.”

It could have been worse for Northern Ireland. Fanos Cateraris rattled the crossbar in the second half of the first half, and Ioannis Pittas and Pablos Correa also had a great chance before Ali McCann missed a point blank chance to win in the second half.

“I was happy with my participation in the second half,” added Baraklov. “We brought more games to them …

“In retrospect, we definitely gave up too many opportunities and it could have gone the other way, and we could have lost it.

“We also created some really good opportunities. It was that last ball, the last delivery, and Ali McCann would have a nightmare about it, but he got in the right position. did.”

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