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Type: A room in a shared apartment
Size: 15 square meters
Monthly fee: 170,000 ISK

The situation in the Icelandic rental market is unavoidably bleak. With demand far outstripping supply, even the dirtiest bedrooms are emptied in an instant, and Facebook groups are filled with heartbreaking posts from students, migrant workers and single parents desperate for a place to live. It’s overflowing.

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Most landlords in Reykjavik aren’t objectively bastards, but there are those who will take advantage of the worsening crisis to make some quick money out of human suffering, or at least give them peace of mind when it comes to maintaining their property. If something is wrong, what is it? There are millions of other you in line to take your place.

This month’s listing isn’t the worst, but it won’t top anyone’s dream home list. looks like the living room in the advertising photo. Indeed, it was probably once a living room before landlords decided it was far better to cram the space with another poor bill-paying sucker than to give tenants a place to relax and socialize Anyway, who really has time to ‘live’ when they’re working around the clock to make enough money for their capitalist overlords?

Despite the ugly kitchen, shabby and unmanicured garden, and very few shared bathrooms, this room rents for a staggering price of 170,000 ISK. This is more than 2 million ISK for one year’s rent. for the room. What else do you get for 2 million ISK, roughly equivalent to the price of a human liver on the black market? Of course, this is completely cold. Who needs a liver when you have a nice, cozy room you don’t live in?

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