Participants will pose for a group photo during the event.

Doha: India’s Business and Experts Council (IBPC QATAR) collaborates with Venture Catalyst, India’s # 1 and World’s # 3 Startup Incubator, at the Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel Almajuris Hall on July 4, 2022. Hosted a business networking event at.

Former IBPC General Secretary Yasir Nainar welcomed the audience and introduced the Venture Catalysts Team.

Abdul Satal, Master of the Ceremony and Vice President of IBPC, introduced Taham Hammed, a member of the IBPC Board of Directors. Taham Hammed is the state of Qatar since 1999, while addressing the organization’s long-term goals, future challenges.

Deepak Ahuja (Managing Partner Middle East), Dr., a member of the VentureCatalysts team. Apoorva Sharma (founder), Rishabh Golchha (co-founder), Vansh Oberoi (head of investment and portfolio) enlightened the audience with a ringside view of what’s happening The hottest startup ecosystem in the world In the system.

Famous Qatar Er. Ahmed Jasim al Holo, Saud Ali al Janahi, Mohammed al Hashmi, Abdullah al Mannai, Ali al Mannai also participated in this event, Qatar and India.

In his closing remarks, IBPC Vice President Manoj Megchiani urged the audience to consider investing in startups as part of the diversification of their asset portfolio. The event was followed by a networking dinner.

IBPC is an APEX BODY operated under Aegis, the Indian Embassy in Qatar, to empower members and strengthen Indian business and professional relations with Indian Qatar trade and professionals. We provide a platform for creating fulfilling opportunities for India. Visit the IBPCQATAR social media handle and for the latest news and information about upcoming events.

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