The Icelandic state has paid damages to Albanian asylum seekers who were deported in the ninth month of pregnancy. The woman was deported in November 2019, and she was 26 at the time, with her husband and two-year-old son, despite having a medical certificate stating that “long-haul flights are difficult for her.” Was deported to. A female lawyer told VĂ­sir that her client was reassured by the consequences and hoped that the Icelandic state would prevent the health and safety of other women and fetuses from being compromised.

The doctor broke the law when issuing the certificate

The woman was deported from a national university hospital based on a second medical certificate obtained by police, despite having a back problem and a certificate that long-distance flights were difficult. She claims that the woman has never been examined by a doctor who signed this second certificate.

The deportation was protested at the time of the outbreak, and the Department of Health began investigating the deportation procedure to determine if it violated health regulations. The Department of Health finally ruled that the doctor who signed the second certificate violated the law applicable to the rights of health care workers and patients.

State accepts responsibility

Claudia Ashany Wilson, a female lawyer, confirmed that the Icelandic state has acknowledged responsibility for the case. She said she was relieved when she talked to her client two days ago and she admitted that the Icelandic state had violated her right to deportation when she was nearly 36 weeks pregnant. She declined to state the amount paid to the woman.

“I hope this incident allows Icelandic authorities to reflect and ensure the humane treatment of individuals applying for international protection here in Iceland. We hope these are like us. People sometimes forget that they are people who are in great need and are in great need, “Claudia said.

The post that Iceland pays damages to deported pregnant women was first published in the Icelandic Review.

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