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Prosthetics manufacturer Össur is providing prostheses to Ukrainian amputees and training professionals to serve individuals with prostheses, reports Vísir.

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“The key here is to create some kind of permanent solution for the individual. It is not enough to provide a product, you need a service, you need a professional. [on hand] To help these individuals start and maintain their prostheses,” says Sveinn Sölvason, CEO of Össur.

Össur is currently training 10 Ukrainian specialists to help amputee Ukrainians, and the company has built 10 legs, but many are still waiting.

“A conservative estimate is that there are about 1,000 of these in Ukraine. [who are waiting]—both soldiers and civilians who have lost a leg or arm. We want to contribute to alleviating the suffering of these people by providing permanent solutions, ”he says Sveinn.

According to Sveinn, these services have a big impact not only on the physical side of people, but also on the mental side.

“We were training Ukrainian prosthetists in Norway and we took in a Ukrainian soldier who lost one leg. His girlfriend came with him and he got this new prosthesis So I proposed to his girlfriend in a hospital in Oslo. , it’s a big part of the company and very important to us,” he says.

According to reports, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund gave the companions 30 million ISK. However, the total cost of the project is about 100 million ISK.

Össur can create a new custom rim in just 2-3 hours.

“This technology is unique and allows us to carry out projects like this in Ukraine,” says Sveinn.

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