Information Commissioner’s Office [ICO] Announced that the redesigned website will be released on Friday [July 15]..

A spokeswoman said: “The ICO website continues to include Information Commissioner decisions, public sector information statements, ICO guidance, policies and procedures, work dashboards, and other ICO publications and information. Enhancements include. Includes better search capabilities within the list of decisions and public authorities. The redesigned website also includes specific web pages on how to make PATI requests, making it more accessible to the general public. It is in an easy-to-use format. “

“Public access to information [PATI] The Act promises Bermuda and its inhabitants to increase transparency from public authorities, raising expectations for their openness and accountability. To fulfill this promise, public sector leadership must embrace a culture of transparency and easily place more information in the public domain, “explained Information Commissioner Gitanjali Gutierrez.

“The idea of” transparency by design “embraces cultural changes within the public sector promoted by the PATI Act. In a culture of transparency, the goal is to increase public sector activity, decisions, and policy disclosure. The public sector needs to create and manage information to support this openness. The ICO’s redesigned website seeks to model this approach to transparency for the benefit of public institutions and public institutions.

A spokeswoman said: “The redesigned website models transparency by design by publishing additional documentation that sheds light on the management of ICO’s public funding and its work. The website includes: is included.

  • ICO PATI Disclosure Log [without PATI requesters’ identities],
  • Minutes of ICO Staff Meeting,
  • Information Commissioner’s Business Credit Card Statement,
  • Unaudited Quarterly Spending Report,
  • Other financial, governance, and administrative records.

“This redesign is a direct result of the ICO’s efforts with the International Conference of Information Commissioners. [ICIC].. In addition to participating in the ICIC Executive Committee, the Bermuda ICO is a member of the ICIC Transparency Design Working Group.

“The Working Group aims to promote global knowledge and understanding of the Information Commission and to establish consensus on the principles that underpin the culture of“ transparency by design ”.

“The Working Group collects the experiences of ICIC members, compares them with the current attitudes of governments and public authorities towards active disclosure, and publishes more data and general information for public access. Ultimately, the aim is to develop a policy paper with best practices for adoption at the 2023 ICIC Conference. The Working Group currently consists of the following Information Commissioners:

  • Brazil – Directorate General of Accounting Auditors [Co-chair]
  • Albania – Information and Data Protection Commissioner Office
  • Bermuda – Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Canada [Ontario] – Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Office
  • Hungary – National agency for data protection and freedom of information
  • Mexico – Transparency, Access to Public Information, Institute for Personal Data Protection
  • Mexico [State of Mexico] – Institute for Transparency, Access to Public Information, and Personal Data Protection in the State of Mexico and Local Governments [Infoem]
  • Nepal – National Intelligence Commission
  • Philippines – Information Disclosure Program Management Office [FOI-PMO]
  • South Africa – Information Regulator
  • UK – Information Commissioner’s Office [Co-chair]

“ICO’s priority is to ensure that its experience at ICIC benefits Bermuda’s public and public institutions. The redesign of our website is about public access to information. , A local application of international best practices. It demonstrates in a concrete way how public institutions can actively embrace the idea of ​​design transparency, “said Gutierrez. I did.

“For example, to support accountability for public spending, we are currently publishing ICO corporate credit card statements paid by the Government’s Integrated Fund. Government credit card statements are issued by the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom. It is a practice of public institutions in other jurisdictions such as, and is the practice currently adopted by the ICO. “

“The international trend towards transparency by design is in line with the cultural changes seen in Bermuda’s public sector. The Government’s Public Sector Reform Initiative has improved information management and is for the public sector and the general public. We have been aiming to build trust in the public sector, “explained Gutierrez.

“The ICO also participates in other public agencies in Bermuda that show an open culture, for example by publishing the minutes on its website. The Information Commissioner’s annual report is a public agency. Emphasizes other examples of a wide range of information voluntarily disclosed by the ICO, where the culture of transparency by design has already established a strong foothold in Bermuda and is inevitably among public authorities. We are delighted to recognize that we will continue to grow. “

“The ICO is calling on public institutions and public institutions to explore the ICO’s new website.”

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