Cheap durian

“Durian is cheaper than it is now. (This is) all brands from red shrimp to Mao Shan Wan … the price is good, so we have a little more customers,” said Tan Wei Shan. (36) said Dorian stalled Wang Sheng Li 95 at Bishan.

“Our bestseller is Mao Shan Wang. It sells for S $ 12 per kg. It’s usually S $ 18, and in some cases it can exceed S $ 20. For the black gold type it’s S $ 18 per kg. 5 Buy, get it for free. “

Soh Say Lai, a 51-year-old stall at an unnamed stall in front of the Citizen Dental Surgery on the Bangkit Road market, has also dropped.

For example, he told CNA that his Mao Shan Wandrian sells for S $ 15 per kg, but usually for S $ 18 to S $ 20.

“But there are fewer customers than last year. I chose to go abroad and eat, probably because I can go abroad now,” he added.

This year’s durian season, D-Fruit’s Tim Soh and Sam Soh brothers are selling durians cheaply.

For example, the MaoShan Wang sells for S $ 13 per kg, and the Black Gold Durian type sells for S $ 18. The brothers told CNA in Mandarin that the latter would normally cost more than S $ 20.

“The price went down because of the sudden increase in the amount of durians carried (from Johor). It was raining continuously in April, and it stopped raining in May and June, so it was very hot, so Durian said. It fell fast. It usually falls slowly, “said Sam, who heads the D-Fruit branch at Bankit Road in Bukipanjan.

He added that these factors, coupled with the supply from Pahang, which came “accidentally” at the same time this year, resulted in cheaper prices.

Tim, who runs the Choa Chukan branch of a fruit stall, said, “There aren’t many customers (despite the low price) because some people go to Malaysia to eat, but they go there to eat. Is not cheap, “he said.

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