IFA President Tim Cullinan paid tribute to former IFA chief economist Kong Lucy, who passed away this week.

ucey was the association’s chief economist for 34 years. He retired in 2008.

“On behalf of all of IFA, I would like to send my condolences to his family. rice field.

“Con Ruthie has made a significant contribution to the shaping of agricultural policy and the development of agriculture in Ireland for over 30 years. ‘, he said.

His record of service to the association spanned ten IFA president terms.

The IFA president said Con Lucey enjoys universal respect among farmers. the entire agricultural sector. and at the highest levels of government. For his contributions to Irish agriculture. He was arguably one of the country’s most accomplished economists, tirelessly advocating for modern, competitive Irish agriculture centered around family farming.

He joined the Economics Section of the Association in 1973, received a degree in Agricultural Economics from UCD, and was quickly promoted to Chief Economist in March 1979.

Con Lucey was primarily involved in the analysis and formulation of IFA policy on a wide range of issues, including the overtax campaign on milk. CAP reform; trade negotiations; and coordinating the IFA’s involvement in social partnerships since its inception in 1987.

“His in-depth knowledge of the issues was a great asset to the IFA. His authority meant that his facts and figures were never in dispute, and he was an invaluable talent and resource to the Association. “

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