Singapore: Swedish furniture giant IKEA ordered a recall on Wednesday (June 8th) METALLISK espresso makerBecause of the increased risk of the product exploding during use.

Recall only affects METALLISK espresso maker IKEA said on its Singapore website that it has a silver or gray stainless steel safety valve.

“After changing the material and structure of the safety valve, the risk increased, so only products with stainless steel safety valves are included in the recall,” the company said.

“No other unit was affected by this recall and no incidents have been reported in Singapore.”

The espresso maker is 0.4L and is designed for use on the stove. Customers can return the item to the IKEA store for a full refund and no proof of purchase is required.

Customers in Singapore should contact the IKEA Customer Service Center (6786 6868) for more information.

In similar recommendations in several Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, IKEA stated that METALLISK espresso makers with date stamps between 2040 and 2204 will be affected by the recall.

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