In a comment below a Facebook post, Tan said some Singaporeans were “lyrical about how great they are across the Causeway and how poor we are compared to them.” Said.

“I’m proud to be a Singaporean and don’t spend time hunting down my country or people,” he writes.

He also pointed out that “there are many kind and generous souls here as well,” in response to an unidentified anecdote that Malaysian coffee shop owners offer free drinks.

Mr. Tan may have referred to a post by pioneer architect Taikensun, who talked about how he was treated to Theokoson (tea without milk) at a restaurant in Johor Bahru last week. I am commenting. .. What’s different, we’ve become very concerned about money in Singapore! “

On Wednesday, Mr. Tay laughed at the criticism and wrote on Facebook that “a cup of Theokoson can stir up so many flavors.”

Former brigade leader Tan’s post also gathered public opinion from National University of Singapore political scientist Jung Ja Ian. He questioned his attention to the increasingly irrelevant Dr. Mahathir.

Associate Professor Chung also said that Mr. Tan, as Speaker of the House, “may be useful to see his comments from that perspective, not part of the current Singapore administration.”

At least one anonymous Twitter user opposed Professor Chung, arguing that Dr. Mahathir’s exorbitant allegations set a precedent for other Malaysian politicians and could one day lead to “special military operations.” ..

This was the phrase used by Russian President Vladimir Putin when he launched a continuous invasion of neighboring Ukraine in February.

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