Jack Keating has revealed his regrets since leaving his eye-catching girl during his time on a love island villa and dating show.

Entering Casa Amor as a new “bomb,” the 23-year-old was one of three boys and three girls abandoned from reality shows because he couldn’t find a romantic connection in the villa.

A social media marketer admitted that there was one girl who wanted to spend more time.

Talking about Love Island After Sun, he said, “If I can come back, I’ll probably give Danica a little more time.

“I don’t think I was really chatting until the second day. It was hard. I was so busy that I had to reserve time for the girl. If I could come back, I probably knew with Danika.”

Dublin also dealt with his failure at the show, but it didn’t work very well with his dad Ronan Keating.

When talking to Gemma Owen, the daughter of former professional soccer player Michael Owen, Jack said his famous dad had retired.

Host Laura Whitmore said:

Jack replied: “What I wanted to say was that he retired from the boyzone, but he’s singing now.”

“Believe me, I’m in the kennel, it’s a big time because I have enough sticks since I came back.”

This happens when former Love Island contestant Adam Collard enters the villa tonight.

A former personal trainer who grew up in Newcastle, he gained a reputation as a heartbreaker at the 2018 show.

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Now he is returning to Mallorca’s villa as a bomb contestant, promising to “raise a few feathers.”

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