TAIPEI – Taiwanese celebrity Eddie Penn is the latest celebrity to have his photos exploited. Several companies have reportedly used his photo and signature in fake endorsements.

On August 31, the 40-year-old actor’s studio posted on Weibo warning fans to beware of such misleading ads.

The post features nine images of various products, from alcoholic beverages to hairy crabs to massage chairs, stamped with the Chinese character for “fake” in red.

The post’s statement reads, “We ask that consumers identify the authenticity of[such products]and do not be deceived. Such brands and platforms will immediately remove their products to stop infringement, Advertising content must be removed.”

In a subsequent Weibo post, Peng’s studio revealed that he was the brand spokesperson for the Ogawa massage chair, although the chair in one of the fake photos is from a different brand. .

The star is known for appearing in films such as Operation Mekong (2016) and The Rescue (2020).

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