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Recently, a wave of immigrants from politically and economically unstable and prosperous areas to so-called western democratized and industrialized countries has been seen again. Immigration to Western countries is less attractive today due to the rapid changes in geopolitical terrain and the dramatic changes in the attractiveness of the definition elements of democracy and prosperity over the last decade, but Western freedom. Some recognize the principle as the ultimate. Immigration goals. Whatever the reason for deciding on immigration, some of the basic challenges posed by the process of immigration and integration into Western host societies include language, culture, ethnicity, education, recognition of qualifications and professional experience, And employment barriers are included. This does not mean that the development and upward movement of migrants and their descendants is permanently impeded, but empirical studies generally assimilate the different life trajectories of migrants and their descendants in western host societies. It shows that it appears in the process of. Some immigrants successfully transition to a better class, called the white Protestant middle class in the United States by scholars, but many immigrants remain in the working class and lower classes of the city, living in poverty and alienation. am sending. Paintings will be more complicated for the descendants of immigrants. This is an upward trend in which immigrant parents overcome invisible obstacles to complex educational and social systems, children succeed in school, and are consistent with Portes, Fernandez-Kelly, and Haller (2009). This is because we need to be able to obtain a prestigious university degree as a mobility qualification. Reference: “Unless there is a costly and time-consuming achievement to obtain a college degree, such dreams are likely to remain out of reach” (p.1081). Specifically, a recent study of immigration written by Dr. Jerf YEUNG Hai-keung, an associate professor of sociology at City U … Source link

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