The best solution for Calçada do Gaio’s suspended project is to lower the height or demolish the upper floors, a group of concerns about the protection of the Guia lighthouse told Macau News Agency.

At a meeting of the Cultural Heritage Council yesterday, authorities revealed that UNESCO has approved a new design plan for Gear Hill’s unfinished Karsadadogao development project.

A new project that reduces the 17th floor from the original plan allows you to develop a stagnant project 14 years after it was first started.

The project was suspended in 2008 due to the approval of the height restrictions for the new Guia Lighthouse line-of-sight protection area. This is because the expected height of 126 meters exceeds the new height limit of 52.5 meters set in the protected area.

The new project predicts that the building will remain on the current 19th floor instead of the 36th floor predicted in the original project, with a maximum height of 81 meters.

The process has to follow a series of legal procedures to obtain each license from various public services, that is, the plant, and works towards each conclusion.

However, in a statement to the MNA, a group of concerns about the protection of the gear lighthouse argued that the current height of the project should be reduced to the required 52.5 meters, as previously repeatedly requested.

In 2020, the group sent several letters to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Commission on the impact of unfinished buildings on the visual integrity and key line of sight of the Gear Lighthouse.

The group also opposes the assessments made by the authorities in the 2020 Conservation Status Report, which, when completed at current heights, has a limited and slight negative impact on heritage integrity, while heritage. Said that it would not affect the credibility of.

In its report, the Macau government said in 2019 that the Department of Culture (IC) would outsource a dedicated consulting agency to carry out a heritage impact assessment on the most appropriate solutions and the most feasible building projects. ..

However, the group said the assessment had never been published and the results were contrary to previous instructions by the Chief Executive of Macau to lower the height of the building.

At the Cultural Heritage Council yesterday, the Department of Culture also said that UNESCO requested that the design of the upper floors of this building be modified to be more transparent and less bulky to reduce its visual impact. ..

“I don’t know how the current design can achieve this. Demolition of the upper floors is the best solution, or else the volume of the upper floors needs to be reduced. That is, these We need to reduce the area of ​​each of the upper floors, “the concern group told MNA.

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