(CNS): As of Thursday morning, there are an estimated 916 active cases of COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands, but the spread continues to decline, according to the latest weekly public health spotlight report. Between June 12th and 18th, 369 viruses were reported, with the daily average dropping from 67 in the previous week to 53, but the numbers continue to fluctuate by this Wednesday. The number has increased to 57.

Eight people hospitalized on Wednesday were positive for COVID. Hospitalization as a result of the virus continued to decline, as only one new patient directly related to the virus was hospitalized last week, and four more were tested positive after being hospitalized for other reasons. Throughout the week, 9 patients were treated for COVID-19 during hospitalization.

If the current COVID-19 regulation expires next Thursday and is met on Tuesday, the Cabinet may decide which new regulation to deploy based on these latest figures. The government is under pressure from the wider community to lift mask obligations, especially in schools, and the tourism sector wants the CIG to lift all restrictions, including pre-travel testing and vaccine requirements. I’m out.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Brian is working to lift all these restrictions, but Travel Cayman is still unlikely to dissolve. Currently, more than 900 people have been quarantined as a result of the infection, and the virus continues to spread, but fewer people are sick with COVID.

Public health said in its weekly report that the Cayman Islands still have the lowest cumulative case fatality rate in the Caribbean UKOT and in all Caribbean countries. This may be due to high vaccination levels, as epidemiological data suggests that they saved the lives of 56 hospitalized people.

“Key indicators are starting to improve again, and the declining trend of cases pointed out earlier last week has continued,” officials said in a report. “Vaccination continues to be an important protective tool against COVID.” Almost 95% of the population over the age of 5 has been vaccinated at least once.

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